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In fact, the outside thinks, including Yahoo! Japan shares Asian


  Yahoo! Owns a 42% stake in Alibaba group, in a proxy fight during movement, Third Point will Alibaba group as " one of the most valuable global Internet Co ", valued at approximately $35000000000 in potential.

  In fact, the outside thinks, including Yahoo! Japan shares Asian assets worth more than the Yahoo! Core business, its core business market is now Google ( micro-blog ) and Facebook match rule. Yahoo! And Alibaba also the relationship between because once the share dispute confront each other with daggers, as everyone knows, Alibaba CEO Jack Ma ( micro-blog ) hope to take back Yahoo! Hold most of the shares, but not all.

  But now the Ma can be represented at the conference at Yahoo! Will talks about stock repurchase, but Yahoo! Investor Eric Jackson ( Eric Jackson ) thinks, should not be anxious to Alibaba on Yahoo. Jackson had previously supported the Third Point proxy fight.

  " The sale of Alibaba group company like you has a 40% stake in Facebook, and then to the $30000000000 valuation all sell, while Facebook is now valued at $100000000000, " Jackson said, " this will be the biggest mistake of Yahoo Corp. "

  Jackson proposed a compromise, that is Yahoo! Will be part of the stake to Alibaba, but need to ma give clear IPO ( initial public offering) schedule. " You will get the exact Yahoo! Shares valuation, and more importantly, you'll get Ma Yun IPO date commitment. "

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