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5 meters arms LED lights

Update: 2017/4/10View:
  • Brand: Bi community Pearl Lake
  • Type: hyzm-170415
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5 meters arms LED lights

Light pole height: 5 meters. Cone-shaped light pole, light pole wall thickness 2.75mm, the mouth diameter of 60mm, the lower mouth diameter of 120mm, flange length 240mm

 Poles overall hot galvanized electrostatic spray, poles color can be customized, fifteen years of stainless!
Light source electrical appliances: can be equipped with energy-saving lamps, sodium lamps, led, and so on;
Lamps: special aluminum die-casting lamp shell, steel transparent glass, silicone rubber seals. (With full set of lamps) with embedded parts
Billing: can be invoiced, the burden of tax buyers.
Package repair period: sodium lamp, energy saving lamp warranty 1 year, led warranty 3 years
Freight: The buyer pays the freight

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